Thursday, November 21, 2013


Hello/Bonjour friends and fans;
for those who don't know I recently broke my ankle. :( I was jogging on a sunny day and I hit a patch of ice on a trail and fell. It was quite traumatic! I've sprained many ankles before, I knew instantly it was broke. As a dancer this is devastating to me, I wont be able to dance for two months at least. I can only do modified yoga for now.  I had a trip to the ER and surgery on my ankle screws and plates, now i'm back home resting. I am grateful for all the support through this difficult time. Prior to breaking my ankle I was in a treatment program for addiction. I'd rather not say to what, but I wouldn't wish it upon anyone. I learned a lot about myself and what triggers me. Everyday day there's a war going on in my head, but I still believe that one day i'll make it to the top.  My recovery time is 6 weeks, and can't drive or work, any donation will help and if you donate 50$ or more you will receive a signed poster and magnet and note from me personally! xox

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Let the games begin...

:X Winter in Alberta would really suck without a playstation. I actually did this photoshoot at Millioux's place before I flew home from LA in June 2012. I feel like i look so skinny in it haha i was doing so much jogging and dancing around that time plus I eat like a poor person. I stoked its front page today! Thanks for all the love and support from everyone during this time of transformation for me. XOX CHERI